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Moving Into a New House: Things to Consider

Sunday, April 21, 2024   /   by Teresa Pileggi

Moving Into a New House: Things to Consider

Moving Into a New House: Things to Consider

Starting a new life in a new home feels like a lifetime preparation. From getting the best
moving quote to painting your home with your favorite color, there is a lot that goes into your
moving plan. However, you can have a hustle-free transition with a functional moving
As you step into your empty new home, you will realize that arranging your stuff is not the
ultimate definition of moving in. You still need to familiarize yourself with the new home,
know which item will fit where, and interact with the new neighborhood. Luckily, this article
provides a detailed checklist of what you need to do before, during, and after moving into
your new house.

What To Do Before Moving In
Have handled all the prerequisites such as getting the best moving company and moving
supplies? Before moving into your new house, here come more tasks that you need to
1. Do A Final Home Inspection

Doing a complete final walkthrough of the empty house allows you to know if everything is
working the same way as when you saw it during the buying period. Therefore, before
moving your items, always walk around to check for damages or necessary repairs needed.

During the walkthrough, always consider to:
? Check if the seller made all the repairs or upgrades you agreed upon.
? Check if everything included in the sale is present.
? Testing all the outlets, water systems, smoke detectors, switches, doors, windows,
and fixtures to ensure they are working.
? Inspecting all the warranties and maintenance guides.
? Inspecting the lawn to ensure it is in a welcoming condition.

2. Clean And Upgrade the House
It is a wise idea to deep clean the house even if the previous dweller cleaned it before moving
out. This removes all the unpleasant odors and insects present in the house and makes it ready
for occupation. You can hire professional cleaning services or do it yourself. However,
during the cleaning process, always consider the following spots:
? Deep-clean the hardwood floors or tiles to remove all leftover smells and allergens.
? Dust and use a mild cleaner to clean walls and baseboards.
? Scrub the stovetop and oven to remove leftover smoke.
? Use vinegar to deep-clean the refrigerator, washing machine, and toilet seats.
? You can also upgrade the house with new air filters, circuit breakers, smoke detectors,
and locks.
? Make all the cosmetic changes after cleaning.

3. Handle the remaining logistics
A few days before moving, ensure all the logistics are in place to avoid missing vital services.
Talk to your service suppliers and inform them about your moving plans. During the process,
ensure the following logistics are in order:
? Contact the utility companies to stop, start, or transfer their services to the new house.
? Update your address with a new bank, credit card, mail, and other important contacts.
? Install or update the home security system.
? Take safety precautions to ensure your children and pets will be safe in a new
What To Do During and After Moving In
Once you have confirmed your new house is ready for occupation, it is now time to move
your items and start a new life. However, that is only possible if you tick the following boxes:

1. Have Essential Boxes
You should always have an essential box for your valuable items and those you will need for
the first two days after moving in. On your move-in day, ensure you have special packs with
the following:
? Expensive jewelry and important documents for easy access.
? Cleaning essentials such as soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, and paper towels.
? Changing clothes in case you need to go somewhere before unpacking everything.
? Flashlights, electronics, and other self-defense items.
? Drinking water, snacks, and food in case you fail to cook on the first day.

2. Clean The Old Home
It is also logical to clean the old home after removing all your items. This leaves you at peace
with the owner or the new buyer and ensures you have a swift closing deal. Take some time
to clean the home with a broom, dustpan, or vacuum to remove all the debris. You can also
hire professional cleaning services to do the work.

3. Have An Unpacking Plan
You can create an unpacking plan during the final walkthrough to know if your furniture and
other items will fit in the new home. Alternatively, you can label your packing supplies to
know what you need to prioritize when moving in. Having an unpacking plan gives you
enough room to walk as you arrange your new home. It also allows movers to load the items
depending on what they will need to take in the new house first.
4. Furnish And Decorate Your New House
Furnishing and decorating your new home is probably the most fun part of moving. It gives
you the chance to express your taste in colors and styles and ensures you have a final home
that suits your needs. When furnishing and decorating your house, you can consider the
following tips:
? Start with arranging the basics such as beds, sitting areas, dining sets, and kitchen.
? Shop for personalized furniture and home décor.
? You can also hire a professional interior designer to create a perfect home for you.

5. Locate Necessary Amenities
If you did not consider necessary amenities during your home scouting, it is now time to
know where these vital services are located. As you move in, always have plans on how your
family will reach nearby schools, hospitals, or other emergency services. You should also
have escape plans in your home for extra precautions.

6. Interact With Your New Neighborhood
The last item on your moving checklist is arguably interacting with your new neighborhood
and knowing more about your neighbors. After unpacking and arranging your house, you can
now stroll or drive around the neighborhood while looking for stores and recreational centers
for you and your family. You can also join social platforms within your neighborhood to
learn and stay up-to-date with all the goings-on in your area.
Is It Time to Move In?
Buying or paying for a new house sounds like a huge milestone that calls for celebration.
That is because it takes a lot of time and money to get there. However, filling the house with
your items requires everything to be to avoid financial and emotional surprises that
come with unplanned moving. It may take time to settle in, but it is worth the effort as you
create a comfortable space for yourself and your family.
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