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The Top 10 Landscaping Trends For 2024

Tuesday, March 26, 2024   /   by Teresa Pileggi

The Top 10 Landscaping Trends For 2024

The Top 10 Landscaping Trends For 2024

Sustainable gardening is no longer just a trend. Instead, it has become a lifestyle that shapes how we design our outdoor spaces and maintain the environment. As a homeowner, embracing this new trend can significantly enhance your garden's visual appeal and upscale your home's value. However, that is only possible if you learn to keep up with the pace and choose the best ideas that fit your home.

Are you ready to shift focus to the natural environment and beautify your garden? Here are the top 10 landscaping trends to watch for in 2024.

1. Practicing Sustainable Landscaping
Using ecological elements that nurture and support the local environment is becoming increasingly popular in 2024. Most people now want landscaping ideas that use minimum resources, reduce waste discharge, and promote a healthy ecosystem. And if you want a garden that easily adapts to your native climate, then the sustainable landscaping trend is for you.
You can practice sustainable landscaping in different forms. But the popular ones include:
? Planting native plants that naturally suit your local climate and soil.
? Building rain gardens to stop stormwater runoff.
? Using low energy-consuming outdoor lighting.

2. Implementing Vertical Gardening
Vertical gardening is a go-to solution if you have limited outdoor space. The idea allows you to design your garden without depending much on your ground space. You can quickly transform ordinary walls or garden structures by extending the greenery yard upwards. Besides the aesthetic purpose, vertical gardening also promotes the air quality of your
Simple structures you can use include:
? Your living walls
? Vertical planters
? Trellises and arbors

3. Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping or incorporating elementals into your gardens is also a great idea to benefit from your small yard. Elementals are considered low-maintenance plants and do not need large spaces to grow. They also survive in low-water conditions due to their deep roots.
If you want a beautiful garden that can also fill your dinner plate, then it is time to try edible landscaping. Some of the elementals to try this year include:
? Herb gardens
? Fruit trees and berry bushes
? Vegetable gardens such as cabbage, kale, and asparagus.

4. Using Dark-Colored Flowers and Plants
The fight between moody and bold plant colors continues even in 2024. Hence, as you upgrade your outdoor space, you should learn to balance the two colors to attain your desired aesthetic environment. If you already have a brighter exterior, you can complement it with muted, dark shades like burgundies and blacks to create a moody and dramatic outdoor effect.

5. Planting Low-Maintenance Flowers and Plants

Your garden is the last thing on your mind as you get busy with the day. And the best way to keep it evergreen is to plant low-maintenance plants and flowers. These plants do not require much time to grow, and they will give an attractive visual appeal even with minimal upkeep.

Maintain your charming outdoor space with time and resource-saving plants like:
? Succulent and cacti
? Evergreen shrubs
? Ornamental grasses

6. Embracing Smart Landscaping

Smart technology is always on the rise, and it is wise to utilize it in your landscaping to-do list. Smart landscaping allows you to tend your garden quickly and efficiently. It also works by conserving the energy you use in maintaining your yard without compromising its visual appeal.
The good thing about smart landscaping is that you can practice it from anywhere, even without being outside the yard. It includes the use of:

? Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor lights.
? Remote-controlled lawnmowers.
? Automated irrigation systems.
? Other app-controlled outdoor operators.

7. Using Drought-Tolerant Designs

Like sustainable gardening, drought-tolerant landscaping utilizes environmentally responsible techniques to maintain the garden. These include using plants that survive in little-to-no water environments and other artificial designs requiring no tending.
Drought-tolerant landscaping also saves on natural resources while keeping your outdoor environment vibrant. It includes the use of:
? Xeriscaping.
? Mulching.
? Drip irrigation systems.
? Stone or gravel gardens.
? Regional or heat-tolerant plants.

8. Creating Outdoor Living Areas

Turning an empty yard into an outdoor living area is a common trend expected to top the landscaping ideas list in 2024. The idea involves creating an exciting relaxation and entertainment backyard where you can host your friends and enjoy the fresh air. It also includes creating an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or gazebo. Outdoor living areas grant you the opportunity to showcase your personality and taste.
It includes:
? Use comfortable and colorful furniture.
? Building shade structures.
? Installing outdoor entertainment systems.

9. Minimalist Gardening

Minimalist gardening uses simple landscaping ideas to create a visually appealing and controlled garden. The trend allows you to define all the zones and paths and set clear restrictions within your yard. This way, you can efficiently declutter and utilize limited outdoor space to create a simple but elegant garden.

Some of the basic features of a minimalist garden include:
? Minimal plant selection.
? Simple, monochromatic colour palette.
? Streamlined geometric lines.
? Limited garden décor and accessories.

10. Incorporating Wildlife-Friendly Landscaping

Most homeowners and landscapers make the mistake of forgetting about wildlife when redesigning their gardens. With the decreasing focus on wild animal habitats, you can support the diverse range of fauna by practicing wildlife-friendly landscaping in 2024. The trend allows you to grow plants that attract natural pollinators, such as butterflies, to create a unique and friendly environment.
? Some of the wildlife-friendly landscaping ideas include:
? Installing bird feeders
? Designing butterfly and bee gardens
? Setting aside wildlife habitats

The Bottom Line

Are you committed to environmental sustainability and the desire to create an outdoor space that enhances the quality of your home? Why not try the above landscaping trends for 2024?
These trends allow you to reshape your outdoor environment and get the most out of your limited space. That is true whether you opt for smart technology or landscaping ideas that respond to ever-changing climatic conditions. By embracing them, you can easily create beautiful and functional landscapes that will remain sustainable and resilient for years.

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